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Let’s Play Catch-Up February 21, 2012

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I’m sorry I slacked on the recipes last week.  I have plenty of recipes to tell everyone about, and I will this week, I swear.  On the flip side, I registered for my 5k!!!!  Even though I’ve registered, I’ve been slacking in the running.  My mistake was not staying with my schedule while Matt was gone; I decided to sleep in on Wednesday. I’m about 4 days behind on my training schedule.  Now I have to start thinking about running outside, and potentially training with other people.  April 14th is a lot closer than when I started training.

No surprise, Annie has consumed me for the last week.  Aside from my typical mom consumption, Annie had a cold starting Thursday, then a fever on Friday.  Tylenol wasn’t bringing her fever down and she slept with me Friday night (even when she was a newborn, she’s never slept in our bed), so we went to the pediatrician on Saturday.  Fifth double ear infection since November, and Annie’s on antibiotics until she has her tubes in in 16 days.  This also ruined my very well laid plan for going to the gym on Saturday.  Since Annie’s ear infections started, the pediatrician has noticed a slight murmur in Annie’s heart; we saw a cardiologist today to check it.  She’s fine.  One of the front desk ladies at the pediatrician’s practically knows our credit card number, she’s seen us so much.

I love Matt.  In some strange way, the way I feel about Matt is almost similar to how I felt when we first started dating.  I’m giddy to see him every evening.  When he came home on Saturday, I didn’t want to let go of him.  As you can all attest to, not very long ago I was second-guessing my marriage.  This is where I belong.

Matt had a daddy-daughter day on Monday, as I had training at work.  He’s done this before, but Annie’s energy level is way different now.  They went to the park and went on the swings and the slide, and then they got the mail and then walked over to school to get me.  Matt leaves again on Monday, and I am already looking forward to his return on Friday.

Tomorrow, I swear, recipes!  I’m trying a stellar (well, hopefully) Crock Pot recipe for dinner tomorrow, and it will be fresh in my mind.  I’m hoping to make you all drool.


Julie, Julia January 10, 2012

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I love to cook.  I always have.  Of course, someone who loves to cook marries a picky eater.  My sister, Anna, is a great cook.  She can taste something and figure out the spices; I’m not that good.  I lack confidence in my flavor combinations.  I fear failure when it comes to making bread (without using a bread machine, which I don’t own).

I love to find new recipes; who knows when I’ll find time to try them.  Have you heard of Pinterest?  If not, check out the website, and if you’d like an invite, let me know.  This is an obsession of mine.  I have a large collection of recipes that I want to try, and some I have.  I have a massive love for my Crock Pot.  If you have one, USE IT!!!!!

There’s a recipe for anything, including different foods, diets, and skill levels.  I am usually a safe cook, grilling and baking, steaming and boiling, or roasting.  For Christmas Eve, I braised short ribs and made polenta instead of mashed potatoes.  This was completely outside of my comfort zone.

I’m trying to find new ways to cook things I usually cook.  We eat a lot of chicken in our house.  There are only so many ways you can grill and bake it.  A friend taught me to use my Crock Pot to cook chicken; pour a jar of salsa over a pound of chicken, cook on low for about 6 hours, and shred.  Tonight, I added a can of cream of mushroom (98% fat-free!) soup, taco seasoning, and some sour cream; I served it over rice and black beans.  It was delicious!


Aside from the 9 hour day I “volunteered” to work, I’m having a good day.  Even though I had to be at work at 8:30 this morning, I still made sure to adjust my schedule to allow me to train with Trey and Mary.  I’ve been up since 5:20 this morning though 😦


The Weekend Wrap-Up January 8, 2012

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After a pretty good week, I somehow capped it off with a pretty damn good weekend.

Before Annie was born, Matt and I made a deal that once a month we would have date night.  In 14 months, we have struggled with this agreement.  Initially, the terms to date night were very flexible; our first date night was my 28th birthday dinner, with friends.  I have equated the importance of date night to our mortgage payment.  In an effort to increase Matt’s interest in date night, I have asked him to plan date night.  To put it nicely, those date nights didn’t end the way Matt had hoped.  In an effort to decrease my intense (and sometimes high) expectations, I have offered the idea for an at-home date on Friday.

I negotiated Friday off of work, and went to lunch with my sisters in DC on Friday (oh, it was a GD at the GD GD).  On my way home from DC, I stopped at Wegman’s for a nice steak, wine, and chocolate dessert.  I had asked Matt to pick the movie, and the smart guy he is, he asked me what movie I’d like to watch (we have a agreed on 3 movies in 7 years).  After Matt bathed and put Annie to bed and I had made double-chocolate brownies, mashed roasted cauliflower (roast a head of cauliflower at 400 with some minced garlic for about 20 minutes, transfer to a pot and “steam” with some milk, then mash), steaks were grilled, and beer and wine was poured, we sat down to watch Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Dinner and dessert were stellar (if you want my non-biased opinion).  The company wasn’t too bad either 🙂  Friday night was something we both needed.

We spent time together, as a family, this weekend.  I was able to go out with co-workers on Saturday night.  We had a lazy Sunday (Annie let us sleep until 9, then took a nap from 11:30 to 2:30!) before finishing the Christmas season with the rest of Matt’s family.

Running program starts tomorrow.  I’m trying to keep my thoughts positive because, in the past, I have relied heavily on my mind games.  1150.  150.  150.  I can only move forward.  2012 is my year.  I WILL DO THIS.


Hogwash January 2, 2012

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We’re off to a good start.

Nothing like a 8 am therapist appointment followed by a solo trip to the gym on January 2nd.

Many of you donned your best party dress, drank champagne, sang and danced, and collected party beads in celebration of a new year.  You also celebrated my 29th birthday.  In the past, we’ve found a bar already celebrating me and joined the fun.  This year, I wanted a low-key celebration.  I told Matt that we didn’t need to celebrate my actual 29th birthday when we’re going to be celebrating it for many more years to come.  We traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina to visit with Matt’s sister, C, and nephew, E.  What a great weekend we had!  Matt baked his first cake, ever.  I didn’t care that it was falling apart.  He made it, and E helped decorate, and that meant more to me than any present.  Speaking of presents, I cashed in on mine today.  I met up with friends A and A for a pedicure, then made my way to Herndon for a deep tissue massage.  Matt had planned the whole thing.  Despite what I write in the coming days, weeks, or months, I have a great husband, whom I love to the very end of my days.

Put it on your calendar: DECEMBER 31, 2012, Kate’s 30th Birthday Party.  DON’T MISS IT!!!

Oh, I did run to the grocery store today.  Figured we needed some food to eat.  I went with no list, this was a mistake.  I brought home lunch meats, bread, Matt’s high fiber cereal (we’ll discuss this at length another day), some kind of boneless pork thing, BBQ sauce, and those delicious vegetable chips.  I threw the pork and the BBQ sauce in the Crock Pot for 6 hours.  D. E. L. I. C. I. O. U. S., particularly between two pieces of bread.  Even Annie loved it.