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Family First February 15, 2012

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One day I’ll write about my parents and Anna, but today, a little more about the people who live under my roof.

Yesterday, Matt conned up some story about having lunch with old co-workers at the mall.  I don’t know about your mall, but our’s happens to have a Hallmark store in it, oh and to get to the mall you have to drive past Wegman’s.  Wegman’s was having a special on roses.  Matt brought me some gorgeous roses, a little chocolate (that I’ve shared with Annie), and this morning I found a card on the counter.  The last year has been the lowest of the low for me, and for our relationship, but today, I’m in love with Matt just like I was two years ago.  He’s the best, and I am onevery lucky girl.

It’s just us women until Saturday.  Matt’s in Seattle for Living Social.  I have the best daughter, and damn, is she cute.  I wasn’t the easiest of children to raise (lying was my game), and I knew when I was pregnant that any daughter I’d have will be at least 10 times harder to raise.  Annie’s strong-willed personality is starting to emerge…  Or at the very least, she just needs to learn some words instead of the screeching.

Our neighbor’s have a son who’s in Annie’s class at school, and they invited us over for dinner tonight.  Annie went home early with them while I finished out the day.  I know I’ve said this before, but the best part of my day is when Annie comes running to see me with a huge smile on her face, despite what show is distracting on TV (Backyardigans is our new favorite).  After delicious shrimp tacos and a lot of guacamole (one of Annie’s favorite things), we headed home for bath night.  Annie loves the bath.  One day I’ll post a video of her in the tub, hilarious!  She is beginning to understand the idea of splashing and it’s appeal; tonight, I nearly took a second shower.  Don’t tell Matt, but I think I might love Annie just a little more than him.

Annie slept until 8 this morning, so I skipped the gym.  She was a big helper at the post office though, and the dude gave her a sticker for all her help!  Harris Teeter has mini grocery carts, and Annie has been on a kick of helping me push the big cart, so I thought that since we only needed a few things, this would be a good route.  She loved it!  She was so proud of herself, and I love that she’s confident enough to find some independence.

I’m meeting with my psychiatrist tomorrow for our follow-up since I’ve been on the anti-depressants.  I can certainly tell a positive difference in my life since I started the meds, and I’m not ashamed that I needed help.  I hope that I can help others find help if they need it.  Tomorrow, recipes!