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Re-entry February 14, 2012

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Again, I am so sorry I have been lacking in the posts.  Today is not about a particular thing, but how I’ve been feeling.  Matt is leaving for Seattle tomorrow morning; he’ll return on Saturday afternoon.  While I don’t like it when Matt is gone, there’s some truth to “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

I am beginning to see changes in me, not physically but mentally.  I posted last week about my frustration with my lack of weight loss, and I received a lot of positive feedback.  I’m still frustrated, and I’m going to see a doctor about these frustrations.  However, I’m beginning to feel more confident about myself, and I’m not as easily pissed off as I was even a month ago.  On this day, Valentine’s Day, I’m sure Matt is especially appreciative of these changes.  My smiles comes easier, and are much more genuine.


Running is harder, but I’m beginning to think more positively about it.  I still need to register for my run; I swear, while Matt’s gone.  Matt and I had date night last Saturday, and we had the best time, maybe the first time in a long time.  This is the life I’m meant to have.

She's got something on her face. Happy Valentine's Day!


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