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Weekend Wrap-Up February 5, 2012

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Ok, really this going to be more of a week-long warp-up.  I apologize for my massive brain mush I suffered from this past week.  To be honest, I am blanking on what really happened after Tuesday.  This was not my strongest week, but thankfully, it ended well.  I think because I was without Matt’s help last weekend, it made getting into the week harder.  To add insult to injury, I added 3 1/2 hours of work to my schedule.  In reality this isn’t a huge deal, except that we are so massively short staffed that it wasn’t particularly stress-less.  (Just to give you a visual, I think the hall of our school is about 100 yards long, and Thursday alone I think I walked about 8 miles in school.)

We weighed in on Thursday.  I was so pumped going into it, and so crushed coming out of it.  Six weeks ago, I weighed in at 187.  Thursday, I weighed 189.  I am frustrated.  I am stumped.  I am pissed.  Everyone tells me I look great, I’m skinnier, “what are you doing?,” but CLEARLY SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING!  WHAT IS IT??????  I can’t even write how mad I am.  I have lost 10 pounds in 15 months.  I’ve had my thyroid checked, twice!  There is clearly something I am just not getting.

Running is getting harder.  I sneaked a peek at what’s coming for the week, and I am not looking forward to it.  This begins the real running.  I have yet to register for my first 5k, but I will at the end of this week.  It’s April 14th.  I’m not doing this for time, I’m doing this to finish.  Just FYI, I will cry while I run and when I finish.

I suddenly feel like we had a busy weekend, but it was enjoyable even if it was.  Annie had a sleepover with Mrs. A last night, as Matt and I went to a party for my aunt and uncle who were married over the summer.  We had a pretty normal Saturday, gym, errands, etc.  I did go to the gym by myself and (nearly) enjoyed my bubble while there.  We had a lovely brunch this morning with my family, and a lovely walk during naptime.  We decided against joining a Super Bowl party this year (it’s not totally ideal for Annie’s bedtime), but that didn’t stop us from having our own party.  Annie had a special treat: eating in front of the TV.  Of course, we taught her the “TOUCHDOWN!” stance.  We are a divided house; I’m a born and raised New England/Boston any team fan, and Matt has a special place for the Giants.  One day, Annie will have to choose.

Aside from the Living Social Oscar party (black-tie) on Wednesday night, we have a pretty normal week ahead.  I am very excited about this.  I cooked one meal last week, and I am looking forward to cooking a few more this week.  Next week is the beginning of a few business trips for Matt, and hopefully, a little normal will help me while he’s gone.  I’m going into this week with a clearer mind and a smile on my face.


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  1. albassoon Says:

    You’re clearly building muscle. If you are looking smaller and clothes are feeling better, and you keep going, the weight will start going down. Don’t be disheartened. The shape is so much more important than the number, and your shape is clearly getting smaller.

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