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Weekend Wrap-Up January 30, 2012

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I’m sorry I’m a day late.  I was not prepared for the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week.  Despite that, I had a great weekend.  Matt attended his annual hacking conference in DC, giving me sole responsibility of Annie for 72 hours.  Of course, this was the first weekend since Christmas that we’ve had any prearranged plans.  Luckily, I had plenty of time to plan and prepare for this, making life a little easier.

It all began after a day at work (which was probably tiring, I can’t remember).  In order to make our Saturday plans flow, I needed help, so we spent the night with my parents.  Annie is so funny running around their apartment building and riding the elevator up and down.  These mundane activities helped immensely in our timeline for Saturday.  We were traveling to King George (that’s East of Fredricksburg) for a birthday party; it’s a 2-hour drive.  Thankfully, we were passing Ikea in Woodbridge.  Annie had a great time wandering (occasionally sprinting ahead of me) through couches, chairs, and beds.  When we finally arrived in the children’s section,  Annie actually said “WOW!”

I had a break on Saturday night after a long day of driving and catching up with friends.  One of my co-workers was having a birthday party, and thankfully, she lives a block away.  Annie had her first sleepover with a boy!  Of course, they slept in separate beds, and separate rooms.  I had a great time partying with my co-workers, without the stresses of work, and really just enjoy life (frankly, the way we should be able to enjoy our jobs, without the drinking part of course).

After chocolate chip pancakes on Sunday morning, Annie took a long nap while I got ready for a baby shower.  I dropped Annie with Mrs. A while I went to the baby shower, and was picked up by Matt.  He told me she came running at him!  I was so excited to see him when I got home from the baby shower, that I practically ran to him too!  I love this place where we are right now.


I ran today.  Whoa.  This week was a huge step up in the training, and I couldn’t quite do it.  I’m being accountable and honest.  This week’s running is 5 minute walking warm-up, 3 minute run, 90 seconds walking, 5 minute run, 2 1/2 walking, 3 minute run, 90 seconds walking, 5 minute running, and finally a 5 minute walking cool-down.  That last 5 minute running, I could only do 3 1/2 minutes.  I’m not down about it, I’m incredibly proud of myself for doing as much as I have.  I ran 14 1/2 minutes today, I’ve never done that.  I’m being weighed on Thursday, and I can’t wait.


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