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Dirty Laundry January 24, 2012

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Today, I’m not airing any dirty laundry.  I literally want to talk about dirty laundry.


I used to only do laundry on Sundays.  I do Annie’s laundry entirely separate from our’s.  Not only did Annie create more laundry to do, so did our new gym routines.  I did laundry Saturday for Matt and me, Annie’s was Sunday, and started more for Matt and me last night.  I washed towels Saturday, and I still have sheets to wash.

There are at least 4 loads of laundry for Matt and me, but can be as many as 6.  The sorting, washing, and drying is not my problem.  I loathe folding laundry.  If I won the lottery, I would use it to pay someone to just fold laundry.  Case in point, there is a pile of unfolded towels from like 2 weeks ago.

Because of all the gym clothes, we have a LOT of clothes that can’t (well, shouldn’t) go in the dryer.  I have an entire load of delicates that must air dry.  This just adds to the laundry chaos.

In order to prolong the life of Annie’s clothes, there are certain brands that I hang dry (Old Navy, Children’s Place, Gymboree).   Before Annie was born, we’d gone through like 2 bottles of Shout; we have gone through at least 4 refill bottles since Annie was born.  I swear by Shout.


I put a heating pad on my shoulder last night and this morning before the gym.  Whatever was wrong with my shoulder hasn’t bothered me today.  I took it easy with Trey and Mary today.  Back to running tomorrow and I hope it’s a little more enjoyable (I’m not sure that’s even possible) than Monday.  Tomorrow will be recipe day!!!!


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