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Weekend Wrap-up January 22, 2012

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After a crummy week, we had a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!


We had a wonderful date night on Saturday night.  On top of a great night out with Matt, we met up with my sister, brother-in-law, and my cousin E (she was in town with her mom from Boston).  Before we went out, Matt and I agreed that we would only stay out for a certain amount of time, since we had to pay for a babysitter this time.  We kept our agreement, and I think we’re better for it.

I spent much of Sunday helping my brother-in-law’s sister during her donation drive for her organization Destination Abricots (for more information, please visit  I have not been directly aware of all the terrible things that have happened in Haiti, but I left the drive today feeling as though I’ve done just a little to help the women, men, and children who will be receiving all of the donations.  I hope to do more things like this in the future.

We had plenty of family time too.  Annie helped us devour a pizza on Friday night, and then we let her play in the snow a little bit on Saturday.  I made a snowball for her, and she protected it with her life.   Annie helped me make pancakes this morning (ok, she only did a few stirs); man, does she love syrup.  I am completely aware of the fact that I have an amazing child, and she is wickedly cute.

I made sure to do an extra weight training session on Saturday, and I’m ready for the running this week.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the weight training this week; I seem to have pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder area.  At first, I thought I slept weird, and kept using it, but now I think that I’ve over-irritated it.  I’m thinking positively for a good week.  I like this place we’re in. 🙂

Protecting her snowball and directing Daddy's shoveling.


2 Responses to “Weekend Wrap-up”

  1. Amy Gafford Says:

    How’d you find a babysitter? We need a “real” sitter so infrequently, I don’t even know where to start.

    • I invited you the Brambleton Resource page. If you need anything, plumber, babysitter, etc., this is the place to go. The other place to look is in the monthly newsletter from the HOA with the babysitter list. Allyson and I are trying to find some good (and inexpensive) ones.

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