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After the Final Rose January 19, 2012

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I feel a little bit like a six-year old who has to apologize.  I thought about what I wrote last night, and I don’t apologize for what I wrote.  I promised I would write about my life without sugaring coating it, and last night was no sugar.

Annie and I had a rare day with no plans.  I knew my friend F was on a staycation, so we met at the outlets for a little retail therapy.  F has been very vocal about the state of her marriage for a while, but I haven’t.  I think because my girlfriends know Matt, I kept that information to myself.  Today, I didn’t keep last night’s argument to myself.  I told F about how mad I was, and completely irrational I thought Matt was being.  I feel like a new woman.

When I posted about Matt, I wrote that neither of us is perfect, and I think last night was a perfect example of such.  I’m sure I had some valid points last night, but I think occasionally (and trust me, Matt would agree) I could be considered a stereotypical over-thinker.  I do believe I said something about how if we couldn’t come to a solution, we were not going to last.  There is truth to what I threatened, but another friend I spoke to about this, mentioned that if we work together on our communication struggles, we’ll end up better than we were before.


I have to go finish laundry, so I’ll be short tonight.  Now that we’ve figured out Saturday night (we’re leaving Annie with a babysitter I’ve never met…), I am really looking forward to going out on the town.  We have a pretty relaxed weekend planned, and maybe I’ll actually start working on my organizing plan.  Here’s to turning the next few days around!


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