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Weekend Wrap-up January 15, 2012

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I’m seeing a trend here….and I like it.

ANOTHER GREAT WEEKEND!!!!  We did begin the weekend by going to the pediatrician for Annie’s 4th double ear infection in 2 months.  (This is me not being bitter)  Apparently, there are no more oral antibiotics to give our little girl, so she received a shot in her right leg on Friday, and one in her left leg Saturday morning.  Matt is taking Annie back to the pediatrician tomorrow to check her ears, and potentially have a third shot.  We have an appointment with an ENT in 2 1/2 weeks.  I never thought I would be “that” parent who would question a doctor’s methods, but turns out I’m beginning to rethink that.

Matt and I watched Deathly Hallows Part 2, and it was about the most perfect ending to such a monumental book series.  I actually shot my hands in the air (a la touchdown style) at the end of the final battle (I don’t want to give anything away to those who may not have read the books).  Of course I cried.  I have a very strict must-read-book-before-seeing-movie rule.  I think I finished the HP 7th book about 3 years ago, totally worth the wait.  Speaking of reading: my car needed an oil change on Saturday, and it was nap time.  I took my Kindle to read while I waited.  I went to Subway, got my turkey flatbread sandwich (loaded with veggies and avocado, no mayo), and read.  I finished the book this morning.

I highly recommend “Heaven is For Real.”  The book is written by a pastor from Nebraska, who’s 3-year old son visited heaven during a life threatening surgery.  I’m not one to delve into the world of religion (I have no strong background in it or opinion about it), but this book is about a child’s experience.  Religion and my child’s (maybe children one day) view of, or involvement in, is something that I need to figure out (Matt was raised in the Catholic church and has left the decision to me).  I was raised by a Quaker mother and an Episcopalian father.  I can count on my fingers and toes how many times I’ve been to a church service, including the 3 funerals in 2007.  I know the very basics of the Bible; burning bush, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Should my child/ren have a better understanding of a religion (I’m not married to one in particular)?


We had dinner with A, A, F, and L (she brought W too) last night.  I practically forgot that we had another day in the weekend; I thought it was such a great way to finish a weekend.  My L (in case someone was worried she was someone else’s) started training with Team in Training to run a half marathon last year.  I will admit, she has been a little bit of my inspiration to start running.  Last night, L did what she does best, she reminded me why we’ve been friends for 25 years.  She brought me a present of new running socks (she swears by them), a headband (also swears by, “the BEST“), and some anti-chafing deodorant looking stuff (also, “put it everywhere” it’s the best).  She volunteered to registered to run in my first 5k with me.  I have a lot of cheerleaders when it comes to this running thing, but I know L will be the loudest.

I didn’t go to the gym this weekend because I decided that I’d rather spend quality time with my adorable family.  Tomorrow I start the 2nd week of my running program, and I’m more confident this week than I was last.  I’ve noticed my jeans feeling looser and my favorite yoga pants (I wore them to the hospital 41 weeks pregnant) might need to be replaced one day.  Getting to 150 doesn’t seem as daunting.


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