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Julie, Julia January 10, 2012

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I love to cook.  I always have.  Of course, someone who loves to cook marries a picky eater.  My sister, Anna, is a great cook.  She can taste something and figure out the spices; I’m not that good.  I lack confidence in my flavor combinations.  I fear failure when it comes to making bread (without using a bread machine, which I don’t own).

I love to find new recipes; who knows when I’ll find time to try them.  Have you heard of Pinterest?  If not, check out the website, and if you’d like an invite, let me know.  This is an obsession of mine.  I have a large collection of recipes that I want to try, and some I have.  I have a massive love for my Crock Pot.  If you have one, USE IT!!!!!

There’s a recipe for anything, including different foods, diets, and skill levels.  I am usually a safe cook, grilling and baking, steaming and boiling, or roasting.  For Christmas Eve, I braised short ribs and made polenta instead of mashed potatoes.  This was completely outside of my comfort zone.

I’m trying to find new ways to cook things I usually cook.  We eat a lot of chicken in our house.  There are only so many ways you can grill and bake it.  A friend taught me to use my Crock Pot to cook chicken; pour a jar of salsa over a pound of chicken, cook on low for about 6 hours, and shred.  Tonight, I added a can of cream of mushroom (98% fat-free!) soup, taco seasoning, and some sour cream; I served it over rice and black beans.  It was delicious!


Aside from the 9 hour day I “volunteered” to work, I’m having a good day.  Even though I had to be at work at 8:30 this morning, I still made sure to adjust my schedule to allow me to train with Trey and Mary.  I’ve been up since 5:20 this morning though 😦


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