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The Weekend Wrap-Up January 8, 2012

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After a pretty good week, I somehow capped it off with a pretty damn good weekend.

Before Annie was born, Matt and I made a deal that once a month we would have date night.  In 14 months, we have struggled with this agreement.  Initially, the terms to date night were very flexible; our first date night was my 28th birthday dinner, with friends.  I have equated the importance of date night to our mortgage payment.  In an effort to increase Matt’s interest in date night, I have asked him to plan date night.  To put it nicely, those date nights didn’t end the way Matt had hoped.  In an effort to decrease my intense (and sometimes high) expectations, I have offered the idea for an at-home date on Friday.

I negotiated Friday off of work, and went to lunch with my sisters in DC on Friday (oh, it was a GD at the GD GD).  On my way home from DC, I stopped at Wegman’s for a nice steak, wine, and chocolate dessert.  I had asked Matt to pick the movie, and the smart guy he is, he asked me what movie I’d like to watch (we have a agreed on 3 movies in 7 years).  After Matt bathed and put Annie to bed and I had made double-chocolate brownies, mashed roasted cauliflower (roast a head of cauliflower at 400 with some minced garlic for about 20 minutes, transfer to a pot and “steam” with some milk, then mash), steaks were grilled, and beer and wine was poured, we sat down to watch Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Dinner and dessert were stellar (if you want my non-biased opinion).  The company wasn’t too bad either 🙂  Friday night was something we both needed.

We spent time together, as a family, this weekend.  I was able to go out with co-workers on Saturday night.  We had a lazy Sunday (Annie let us sleep until 9, then took a nap from 11:30 to 2:30!) before finishing the Christmas season with the rest of Matt’s family.

Running program starts tomorrow.  I’m trying to keep my thoughts positive because, in the past, I have relied heavily on my mind games.  1150.  150.  150.  I can only move forward.  2012 is my year.  I WILL DO THIS.


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