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Back to Life, Back to Reality… January 3, 2012

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Don’t get me wrong, I ❤ long weekends.  There’s something so comforting in keeping with your regularly scheduled programing.  I notice it more with Annie, than with me, but that of course, effects me.  Let me give you a brief (read, full day) explanation of my day.  Please remember, I work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 12-6.

Every morning starts the same: after getting Annie up, dressed, and fed, we go to the gym by 8:30, Tuesday and Thursday is weight-training with my BFFs Trey and Mary, the other days (plus the occasional family gym outing on Saturday) is cardio.  The running program starts Monday.  On work days, I rush home to have a protein-heavy breakfast that I hope Annie won’t beg for.  Quickly followed by Annie-proofing the bathroom so I can shower for 6 minutes.  After chasing Annie up and down our 9 foot hallway, I’ll blow dry my hair and get dressed.  Hopefully, we can now head to school/work for the remainder of the day.  This whole 2 hour block of time is completely reliant on Annie’s mood.  Most days when she’s chipper, this goes very smoothly; others, when Annie’s less than stellar, I take complete advantage of the day care center 🙂  On non-work days, such as today, Annie and I go to Wegman’s after the gym.  Tuesday is my designated grocery store day; Monday’s dinner is usually pretty lacking in originality.  Annie has lunch around 11:30 then naps until 2:30ish.  This is the perfect time to shower, get dressed, and feed myself.  If we have other errands to run, we leave the house after snack time.  Most afternoons are spent doing dishes and getting dinner ready.

Annie is in bed between 7 and 7:30 every night, and on a very productive day, I can finally do nothing.  Some nights are filled with laundry, dishes, wrapping presents, organizing papers, or whatever didn’t get done during the day.  Occasionally, I can sit down with Matt and find out what’s going on at Living Social or how his schedule is going to work with mine.  My therapist has recommended that we need to take an hour each night to ourselves, together of course, with no TV, iPads, iPhones, or other distractions.

The holiday season (and the 3 concurrent double ear infections) added a lot of change to our schedule.  I am really excited to get back to a calmer version of life (read: Matt, I’d love a vacation).


So I promised I wasn’t going to sugar coat life anymore.  I’m not sure Matt is prepared for this.  I’m sticking with my promise, and I’m so sorry Matt.

Matt and I have been arguing lately, an argument that we’ve had for the last 7 years.  It is very important to Matt that we share the household responsibilities, completely equally.  In my opinion, as long as the “chores” are done, it doesn’t matter who does it.  We have to come to some kind of agreement about this soon.  I don’t think that my depression is helping how I perceive Matt’s opinion; I feel lower when it’s someone I love so much criticizing me.  I really hope that this psychiatrist can help me figure out how to get out of this ditch that seems to be getting deeper.


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