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Hogwash January 2, 2012

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We’re off to a good start.

Nothing like a 8 am therapist appointment followed by a solo trip to the gym on January 2nd.

Many of you donned your best party dress, drank champagne, sang and danced, and collected party beads in celebration of a new year.  You also celebrated my 29th birthday.  In the past, we’ve found a bar already celebrating me and joined the fun.  This year, I wanted a low-key celebration.  I told Matt that we didn’t need to celebrate my actual 29th birthday when we’re going to be celebrating it for many more years to come.  We traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina to visit with Matt’s sister, C, and nephew, E.  What a great weekend we had!  Matt baked his first cake, ever.  I didn’t care that it was falling apart.  He made it, and E helped decorate, and that meant more to me than any present.  Speaking of presents, I cashed in on mine today.  I met up with friends A and A for a pedicure, then made my way to Herndon for a deep tissue massage.  Matt had planned the whole thing.  Despite what I write in the coming days, weeks, or months, I have a great husband, whom I love to the very end of my days.

Put it on your calendar: DECEMBER 31, 2012, Kate’s 30th Birthday Party.  DON’T MISS IT!!!

Oh, I did run to the grocery store today.  Figured we needed some food to eat.  I went with no list, this was a mistake.  I brought home lunch meats, bread, Matt’s high fiber cereal (we’ll discuss this at length another day), some kind of boneless pork thing, BBQ sauce, and those delicious vegetable chips.  I threw the pork and the BBQ sauce in the Crock Pot for 6 hours.  D. E. L. I. C. I. O. U. S., particularly between two pieces of bread.  Even Annie loved it.


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